X264 hi10p

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Get the SourceForge newsletter.He alone realizes that Hanna is illiterate and may be concealing that at the expense of her freedom. File Size: 2. We do not use Scene sources, which are compressed and has faults. We promise to release only High Quality encodes in Smaller sizes. Hi10P or 10bit x is a new video encoding format, the future successor of the normal x Not really. Install either one of thme and TaDa! Download the sample file and see it for yourself.

This saves your bandwidth but also improves the Movie quality.

[Kagura] Maison Ikkoku Blu-ray BOX 1 [BDRip 1440x1080 x264 Hi10P FLAC]

If the Original Blu-ray has the subs. Our encodes will have the subs too. AAC is the unbeatable audio. MKV is an open-source container. Video and audio and plus, the subs and chapters, all can be included in a single file.

Install either of our codec packs and play any encode easily in a single Double-click! And also, the description has it. No filters are used to impress the downloaders. Yeah, some encoders, such as 3Li use filters to sharpen the images to show more quality. We maintain the Genuine picture quality. If so, please share our encodes. Tell others about the amazing quality. Leave comments and ratings to help others verify.Basically, Hi10P is just an H.

This guide is intended to help people find ideal media player solutions to play back Hi10P content β€” and Anime in general β€” and will be updated constantly as new information gets released or existing products change. Mplayer2 and SMplayer by extension will be fine for most users, especially those who want something that just works out of the box. All technology is designed to move into the future. Newer decoders are much faster even with Hi10P content than decoders were in 8-bit mode a year ago, so that alone gives us the power needed to back it.

Special notice : The official x builds are still bugged and convert the levels incorrectly. If you use CRFincrease it slightly. If you use a bit rateyou can lower it a bit. Hi10P anime samples can be found click here or here. A good series of comparison images between 8 bit and 10 bit compression can be found here. These prove that bit content produces much less aliasing at the same bitrate. There are plenty of picture comparisons available too.

x264 hi10p

However, should you be one of the 0. MadVR and LAV are updated regularly and uses very new versions of libav for decoding as well as custom edits to make bit decoding even faster, giving it much more speed than the ridiculously outdated ffdshow-tryouts project, and the even more ridiculously outdated CCCP codec pack that is based on it.

You can also contact the author directly. All content here is provided as-is with no actuary or implied warranties or guarantees of bodily, mental or otherworldly safety. Guide originally inspired by Ryuumaru. All text and images are in public domain, except for the background video content on the OSD screenshots, which belongs to the owner of Bakemonogatari. If you want to link back, you can use the provided button:. Skip to content On July 23, April 18, by nand. Click the above picture to be redirected.

Oh, and apparently worse performance than ffdshow. Motivation behind switching: All technology is designed to move into the future. Examples of Hi10P content: Hi10P anime samples can be found click here or here. These prove that bit content produces much less aliasing at the same bitrate There are plenty of picture comparisons available too.

This is a clean guide that requires no other prerequisites to function, and ideally should have none installed either. These are necessary for decoding video and audio.Dark mode - Light Mode. Fallback forum - Discussion thread In case of subreddit takedown. Question DTS. If you had a hi10p hardware setup you would have almost certainly grabbed the hi10p version without needing to ask.

The hi 10p probably means bit instead of 8-bit. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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x264 hi10p

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x264 hi10p

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But the pathos is always heavier for us Linux hipsters. A less popular but newer mplayer fork called mplayer2 has implemented it, but we can see it here that the Linux multimedia developers are reluctant when it comes to catching up with the latest developments.

In ordered-chapter case, the reason is security, because they suspected that linked files can be manipulated to do some harm to the computer. The Firsthand Experience.

www.ν† λ ŒνŠΈμ£Όμ†Œ.com

Now my friends from Indonesian fansub community are blabbering about the shining-new h Hi10P. This is a format of h which encodes each color channel in 10 bits, as opposed to the older and normal-world standard h which uses 8 bits. This means more fidelity at a given bitrate, and possibly smaller file size profit for those trapped in developed countries where broadband means 5kBps. Well, I put my trust on my rolling-release distro, checking repository, assuring x installed in my system was the newest, and it was.

I checked the help texts, no option for Hi10P. I found a header file from x package which defined bit depth as 8. It seemed that my x from the distro was hardcoded for 8 bit encoding. Next step, I searched in x user-build package, none of which supported 10 bit.

I grabbed the source, wrote a distro-specific build script. My guess was right, x is either hardcoded for 8 bit or 10 bit, but no switch to choose one of either on-the-fly. A compile-failure solved by disabling software scaler. Package build succeed.

x264 hi10p

Time to test it. For adjustment I run the source through these filters before passing them to x linear-blend to deal with the interlacing, crop filter to remove vertical black bands, contrast enhancement the video looks like it was ripped from a bleached 16mm rolland the last, denoise to suppress noise induced by contrast enhancement. The encoding is done by x and mplayer in tandem, using a yuv4mpeg FIFO. I set the quality as CRF It was pretty much a heavy burden for my Core2Duo, 1GB laptop.

Nevertheless my laptop managed to finish it without getting overheated. You can grab the torrent here. Well, I was ready to test it with mplayer2.

But it was not my lucky day, mplayer2 spat out error messages and refused to play the video. Concluding Remarks. Most fansubbers out there are working on Windows PCs. This leaves a pretty big tasks for Linux multimedia developers, to catch up with Windows.Sets the maximum interval between IDR-frames aka keyframes in x's output.

Normally, x will only make a frame an IDR frame if it passes the threshold set by scenecut. This setting lets you place an upper bound on length of time before an IDR frame appears. IDR frames are 'delimiters' in the stream - no frame can reference data from the other side of the IDR. These mean they can be used as points to randomly seek in the movie you can't just start playback from anywhere, the frame will reference previous frames, and they will reference previous frames, and etc.

Most of the time x will make the first frame of a new camera scene an IDR frame, so much of the time this setting will not come into play. Higher settings can theoretically improve compression reducing the number of forced IDR frames which would otherwise be smaller P or B framesas well as reducing the appearance of fluctuating quality if the average quantizers are high since I frames share no similarity in terms of artifacts with their neighbours the artifacts are more noticeable.

Lower settings can reduce the time needed to seek to a certain frame. Recommendation: Default, or 10x whatever your framerate is. Sets the minimum length between IDR frames. See keyint for an explanation of IDR frames. Very small IDR ranges can reduce 'incorrect' frame placement for example, a strobing scene.

This option limits the minimum length after each IDR frame before another can be placed. Sets the threshold for IDR frame placement read: scene change detection. If the value is lower than scenecut, an IDR frame is used. The metric is slightly more complex then, but it's a reasonable approximation.

Higher values of scenecut increase the number of scenecuts detected. For more information on how the scenecut comparison works, see this doom9 thread. See also: keyintmin-keyintpre-scenecut. Enables a faster scenecut mechanism. It's enabled by default when you use more than one thread, since regular not pre scenecut doesn't work with threads. Normal IDR frame encoding works by encoding the frame normally, then if the frame passes the scenecut test, re-encoding it as an IDR frame.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni NC ED BD 1920x1080 x264 Hi10P FLAC

Pre-scenecut detects before encoding if the frame should be an IDR frame and acts accordingly. Pre-scenecut is theoretically not as good as normal scenecut, although the cost of this is usually low. See this doom9 thread for more information about the quality loss from bad IDR frame placement.

See also: keyintmin-keyintscenecutthreads. Sets the maximum number of concurrent B-frames that x can use. B-frames are similar to P-frames, except they can use motion prediction from future frames as well. This can lead to significantly better efficiency in terms of compression ratio. Their average quality is controlled by pbratio.His notes and book were great resources.

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