Volume booster tweak ios 12

volume booster tweak ios 12

No jailbreak is required to make this work on your iOS device. Previously, such a modification was done through jailbreak tweaks but you can now do this without having to jailbreak your device. This is most relevant for those who have an older device with a single speaker. Step 1: You are going to start your journey in the very same place that you often do when it comes to processes such as this, the native Settings app.

Best iOS 12 Jailbreak Tweaks for Productivity

Launch the app just like you would if you were accessing any aspect of the settings on the device. Select Music and then tap EQ. Step 3: This will provide you with a new view which shows individual choices for the EQ option. Step 4: Out of all the options in that section, tap and select the Late Night option. This will append the option with a tick to show that it has been selected.

And that is literally all that is required to put in place a noticeable increase in loudness from iPhone speaker. You can now exit the Settings app, invoke the music app of choice, and listen to that music with greater clarity and volume through the speaker s on the device without having to worry about connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker or similar.

Subscribe to our RSS Feed! I did get a small 0. Tried it on my 6S, there is a definite increase in volume. I tried to test the volume before and after the turning the feature on. I did this like 3 months ago with my 6S, it works! This is only good for your built in speakerphone.

RP on. By Paul Morris August 24th, Follow Us On Facebook. Tried this on my 7 Plus. Brandon Busby.


Kody Garner. I could have made an article on this years ago. Subscribe To Redmond Pie. Popular Stories. Redmond Pie's Latest. All Rights Reserved.The two latest smartphones out of Cupertino pack quite a punch, and while they could still benefit from front-facing speakers like some other flagship phones, any improvement is worth having. Just try not to blow your ear drums out of the back of your head, eh? Again, please do be careful when using earphones especially, because these limits are put in for a reason.

Subscribe to our RSS Feed! Both times it broke the speaker. It was handy as it allowed me to get a new device on warranty as my existing devices had scratches etc.

You would be lucky if it only damaged the speaker. More likely to damage the audio driver chip on the board. I was using AirVideo app for watching videos from my home server a legit app, no jailbreak done.

After 9 months or so the speaker just died…. Thank god my ipad was on warrandy, I did a clean restore went to the Apple Store and got another one.

volume booster tweak ios 12

I vowed never again to increase the volume beyond hardware specs. This is specific to jailbroken devices. As a powerful video editor and converter, Avdshare Video Converter will easily increase the sound volume of Video or Audio with simple settings. If the app or tweak routes more volts to the chip to provide a higher output. RP on. By Oliver Haslam November 17th, Follow Us On Facebook. David Bannerman. Regreted User. I once did this with my iPad 3rd gen.

After 9 months or so the speaker just died… Thank god my ipad was on warrandy, I did a clean restore went to the Apple Store and got another one. Extended Warrandy. Oh really? Damage the audio driver chip??? LOL — go back to your Lego set. Same applies for any article about a feature or app that requires a jailbroken device.It is obtrusive and takes a large portion of the screen when it appears.

These tweaks shrink the size of the volume HUD and reposition it in such a way that it enhances the user experience. Choosing the right tweak for the volume HUD might not be an easy task because there are just so many tweaks out there. To help you decide more easily which tweak to go for, we have compiled a list of the best jailbreak tweaks for the volume HUD on iOS Sonus is one of my favorite tweaks for the volume HUD, mainly due to its minimal design and simplicity. It moves the volume HUD to the Status bar such that it appears as a horizontal volume bar.

When you press the volume buttons, the Status bar will slowly fade out to display a horizontal volume bar that takes much less space.

volume booster tweak ios 12

The tweak goes a step further to provide a suit of customization tools to change the look of the volume indicator. When you press the volume buttons, a set of circular dots appear in the center of the Status bar. As you raise the volume, the dots will be filled with a solid white color. Rather than hiding the entire Status bar, the volume indicator replaces the clock portion of the Status bar only.

As for the customization options, you can only change the shape of the volume indicator. YouTube is one of those apps that got rid of the stock volume HUD and replaced it with a slimmer and more subtle volume bar. If you like the design of this volume indicator, then you should check out a tweak known as YouTubeVolume. The design of this volume bar looks a little similar to the one added by Sonus, except that it has a volume icon and is a little smaller in width.

The design of this volume indicator is quite different than others. It appears as a circular volume indicator in the Status bar with a white solid line around it that indicates the level of the volume. The best part of this tweak is that it offers a range of customization options.

TOP 66 Best iOS 13.3 Tweaks For Cydia Unc0ver Jailbreak

You can do things such as change the position of the indicator, choose the color of the solid line, adjust the alpha value, and much more. Rather than displaying a subtle volume bar in the Status bar, it displays pulses on the screen every time you press the volume buttons. All the tweak does is display pulses to indicate that the volume has been changed. You can choose to view the volume level as a percentage in the Status bar, a horizontal bar that appears over the Status bar, or a bar with a blur background.

All of them serve the same purpose, that is to shrink the size of the volume HUD so that it takes less space. Just like the other tweaks, HUDPlayer also shrinks the size of the volume HUD, except that this time it displays the volume bar as a notification banner at the top of the screen. Let us know in the comments below.Jailbreaking is a process of unlocking your iOS device in order to remove the restriction set by the manufacturer, i. While Jailbreaking is not as popular as it used to be, but if you have an old iPhone lying around, there is many reasons to jailbreak it.

Low Power Mode is necessary for many users to extend their battery life to last the whole day, especially users of old iPhones. Well, with SmartLPM, you can set the percentage at which you want to toggle Low Power Mode behavior when you connect it to the charger and much more.

We unlock our phones a lot throughout the day. AutoUnlockX rectifies this by taking you straight to the home screen as soon as FaceID recognises you. Well, CallDismiss fixes this by allowing users to tap the home button or swipe up on the home bar when getting a call. This minimizes the call and lets it ring in the background, thereby not interrupting your workflow. Type and Send, there goes that risky text and your chance of taking it all back.

For futureproofing your sloppy fingers ConfirmToSend would give you a popup every time you press the Send button. You can get it from Cydia, Sileo, or from the repo in the link below. CleanHomeScreen is a nifty tweak that allows you to remove titles from app icons on the home screen and even hide them altogether.

Just follow the steps and install it from the repo on your Jailbroken iPhone and enjoy a cleanER iPhone.

Repo: CleanHomeScreen. BarMoji adds a row of your most frequently used emojis right at the bottom of the keyboard on iPhone X and newer, effectively saving you a couple of taps every time you have to use an emoji. Talk about life hacks! A must-have for the security fanatic. While Apple has given the ability to developers to include biometric protection, users still have to depend on the developers to include the feature in future updates.

Some applications like WhatsApp have included the feature but many are still lacking. BioProtectX allows users to choose any app they want and put it under biometric protection, without waiting for the developer to include it.Now that Unc0ver Jailbreak is available for iOS 12 — The main question is: What tweaks do I install first? Are there any good? Before you install any of these tweaks, make sure you add the following sources into Cydia application: repo. The first tweak on the list is Barmojiit allows you to add the bottom row to your keyboard and have all of your recent emojis in a quick reach place, so there is no need to switch keyboard to use emojis.

Third is FastUnlockX.

New Rishima Tweak Brings iOS 13 Volume HUD To iOS 12

If you own any of the Face ID enabled devices, you can make your life a bit easier with the tweak. Melior is a useful small tweak that finally replaces the stock volume HUD of the iPhone with a stylish video player like progress bar, no more screen covers, folks!

Noctis12 is our next big one! Get it now if you want to save energy and in the same time get this dark mode on your iPhone! PencilChargingIndicator is my personal favorite! Looks absolutely amazing! FiveIconDockXI is one of the classic tweaks we had for years, but it just got much more useful with iPhone X, where you have more space for icons, simply saying: it brings one more icon option to the dock!

And last but not least we have AnimationsBeFast, which gives a little speed to your iPhone. It speeds up system animations and everything, you can easily adjust the speed in settings!

And be sure to give it a thumbs up and share with friend and family!However, most iPhone users don't know how to choose the correct one for themselves. Hence, iMyFone Inc. It is most relevant to have iMyFone Umate Pro alongside a volume booster app on your iPhone because of its compatible features.

It was developed by NovaApps with a file size of It rates 4. If you would like to feel the great power of music on an iPhone, then you should download and install KaiserTone music volume booster. If you prefer amplified bass tone from a volume boosting app, then Bass Boost is the right iPhone volume boost for you.

This app was last updated to version 1. Its downloadable file size is If you have used the pro sound Sonic Maximizer gear for live performance, then you would appreciate having a more audible iPad volume enhancer like SonicMax on your iOS device. Pros 1. Its developers - BBE are well established in developing professional music products.

It is loud enough for everyone. It is user friendly. Cons 1. It is highly outdated with its most recent update on Feb 21, SonicMax Pro volume booster app crashes for no discernible reason. It is a free music booster app. It is very user-friendly and produces balanced sound effect. It is best used in playing high-resolution music. It features bugs in iOS Kevin Walker is a senior editor who specialize in iOS products, has helped millions of people by sharing useful iOS tips and tricks.

Download Download. It can play music outside of sound cloud and music library. Equalizer pro offers more presets than the free version.Anthony Bouchard on August 26, With the public release of iOS 13 right around the corner, the iOS 12 jailbreak is set to climax very soon as security researchers shift their efforts toward the newer firmware.

Apple seemingly broke second-generation AirPods animations on devices running anything earlier than iOS You can learn more about AirPort in our full review. ActionBar is a sexy text replacement bar for the iOS keyboard that looks a lot nicer than the one Apple provides you with out of the box. The tweak includes text suggestions and shortcuts for copying and pasting and can be customized and colorized to your needs.

You can learn more about ActionBar in our full review. You can learn more about AppCrumb and how it works in our full review. You can learn more about AwesomePageDots in our full review. This tweak lets you group alike notifications on your Lock screen for easier notification digestion.

You can learn more about Axon and how it works in our full review. This tweak moves the indicator to the Status Bar and then lets you theme its appearance. You can learn more about BelleVolume in our full review. This tweak makes you authenticate yourself with either Face ID or Touch ID to open apps on your Home screen, preventing unauthorized access to other apps. You can learn more about BioProtect XS in our full review.

This tweak replaces the fullscreen calling interface with a bar that appears for incoming and outgoing phone calls, making the whole experience less intrusive. This tweak comes with a plethora of different charging animations that you can apply to your device and view when you plug it into a power source. You can learn more about all the animations ChargeAnimation provides in our full review.

You can copy and paste things on your iOS device, but it lacks a full-fledged clipboard manager. With CopyLog, you can see a running history of all your recent copies and cuts, making it easier to paste them into text fields. You can learn more about CopyLog and how it works in our full review. DNDAllow is a jailbreak tweak that lets you allow certain apps to notify you even when you have Do Not Disturb mode enabled. This can be useful when you want to turn off all notifications for most apps except for essential ones.

You can learn more about DNDAllow and how it works in our full review. You can learn more about Eclipse Dark Mode in our full review. ExactTimePhone solves a serious UI issue in the native Phone app in regard to timestamps for incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can learn more about ExactTimePhone and how it works in our full review.

volume booster tweak ios 12

Gesto is a drop-dead gorgeous jailbreak tweak that integrates the App Switcher with Control Center for a fully unified user experience. You can learn more about Gesto and how it works in our full review.