Original products botanica oils

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original products botanica oils

Need help finding something? Buy healthy food from top-selling, organic brands at wholesale prices. She runs her business out of a stall at Original Products, a year-old Botanica in the Fordham section of the Bronx that sells bulk quantities of oils, candles, incense, skulls, amulets and. We do not use animal products and do any animal testing for our products.

The chemical is an oil derived from vitamin E. Or, get this: You can use it on your leather shoes. It is also said to help evoke fond, old memories.

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Herbs Flowers lindenflowers originalbotanica lovespells. Jump to. Sections of this page.NEW YORK -- Deirdre Bentancourt, currently unemployed, escorted her daughter through the aisles of a Bronx botanica that bills itself as the largest on the East Coast, a spiritual superstore of herbs, candles, oils, perfumes, baths, incense, animal skulls and amulets.

The mother consulted a dog-eared book on the spirit world as she handed several colored candles from the shelves of the Original Products Botanica to daughter Brittany Alfarone, a year-old college student. From New York to Los Angeles, from Chicago to Miami, shops specializing in the rituals of Afro-Caribbean and Meso-American spiritual beliefs offer a glimpse into how some of this country's latest arrivals pursue their dreams.

In today's tough economic times, the ubiquitous botanica has become a testament to the perseverance of those dreams. With the unemployment rate for Latinos over two percentage points higher than the national average and nearly a quarter of the nation's 50 million Hispanics living in poverty, many have turned to spiritual tradition.

Money" oils and colognes. As the federal government deports record numbers of undocumented immigrants, other patrons seek refuge in "Just Judge" charms and candles, and oils with names such as "Bad Luck Out, Good Luck In.

In botanicas, the spiritual traditions are passed on -- even as families also practice more formal religions. No one knows exactly how many botanicas there are in the country. There are no formal licensure requirements or trade associations for shops that are part spiritual center, part religious supply house and part alternative medicine dispensary, according to academics familiar with the trade.

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Jason Mizrahi, co-owner of the 15,square-foot Original Products Botanica in the Bronx, said the business was started in the late s. His father, the store's founder, was the son of Sephardic Jews who came from Turkey.

His father speaks Ladino, or Judeo-Spanish, a spoken and written Hispanic language of Jews of Spanish origin that is now rarely spoken. A great uncle, he said, opened the first botanica in Spanish Harlem in the s. Ladino made it very simple to understand the Spanish language, and they saw that even a lot of the items that we sell today, in the Caribbean, you found them in pharmacies and chain stores. They saw this niche. The business includes the Bronx store, a catalog and a website, according to Mizrahi.

It also has distribution deal with other, smaller botanicas, and some products are manufactured and packaged in the basement by some of the shop's 15 employees. One section has statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Barbara as well as the santeria deities, known as Orishas, which come from the African Yoruba tradition. The santeria section is stocked with peacock feathers, dead vampire bats, dried scorpions, horse and coyote skulls.

The herbs and roots department features preparations for medicinal teas and baths, including the ancient herb hyssop, saw palmetto extract and red clover. Hayes-Bautista said botanicas were part of a "centuries, probably millennium-long tradition of indigenous medicine, particularly Meso-American, that actually not only survived but thrived the encounter with western medicine.

As a sorrowful bachata blared on the Bronx botanica's sound system the other day, Rita Martinez, an Italian-born store employee of seven years, said candles, oils and baths were the biggest sellers, especially among the unemployed. I ask, 'Have you applied? You cannot light up a candle if you don't apply.

Miracles happen if you apply, if you look," she continued.

original products botanica oils

We sell the product. You have to have faith, or it's not happening. But in many parts of the country, patrons are mainly Central American and Mexican. But now, particularly in my area, Washington, D. It's the pan-Latinization of botanicas. Murphy and Hayes-Bautista said that despite occasional reports of charlatanism, most botanica proprietors mean well. Does it really work? People get better. Would they have gotten better anyway?

Perhaps, but they're getting better in a sympathetic and familiar idiom. He added, "I do understand the snake-oil issue, but to me it's overwhelmed by the dedication that I see.I love it! When I received this oil, I felt how powerful this little bottle contains, just a few drops is needed!

Original Products Botanica Oils

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original products botanica oils

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original products botanica oils

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Original Products Botanica Oils

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