Kageyama x reader argument

Originally posted by kakuriyo. I hope you guys like it! Thanks again! Kageyama has never been the best of friends with your new pet Snickers. Snickers was an innocent golden retriever puppy, but your boyfriend just knew his father was Satan, and he was bred in the seventh depth of hell. Innocent, my assKageyama would think while watching you pet him.

Ever since you got the dog, he took up all your attention, all your time. He was jealous over a damn puppy. Kageyama narrows his eyes at the gut-churning scene before him and glances away with a scoff.

The demon spawn currently reveling in all your love looks over and makes a noise that sounds suspiciously like snort all the while trying to lick your face.

The love fest currently happening on the sofa across from him lasts for quite a while, and your boyfriend can only stew in his own anger in the meantime.

Then, finally he comes up with a distraction technique. It was perfect! Right now, he feels pretty desperate. Desperate enough to whip out that trump card, at least. Kageyama smirks, only chipping at the tip of the revenge iceberg. He can tell by the way you bite your lip. Snickers pops right up and begins to follow you, only for you to usher him back.

kageyama x reader argument

A movie was the perfect opportunity to soak up all the love you could provide. At least, that always used to be the case before you adopted the leech. Snickers huffs in his face and barks louder, splashing dog drool every which way. Kageyama gags at the feeling and frantically wipes it away while jeering at the sac of fur. Ruff, ruff! Your face is scrunched up in utter confusion at the happenings on your living room floor.

The skin under your eye twitches and a vein in your forehead pops. Snickers is the first to act, barking excitedly and hopping up to meet you. The joy is short-lived, as your beloved ball of fluff is flung back onto the sofa cushions as Kageyama scrambles up and tackles you in a tight squeeze. Oikawa, Kuroo, Terushima. Keep reading. Bokuto, Ushijima, Kita, Daichi.

Bokuto, Akaashi, Hinata. Thanks for 2. A knee ways, can someone explain why my fake texts are always so damn horny?? I think I have a problem… ehh whatever. Tsukishima, Lev, Hinata, Suna. Tsukishima, Kuroo, Lev. Good luck returning to school or work or whatever you may do to pass the time, and I hope you are all staying safe! Gets a lil saucy at times, just a warning.Summary: You and the gang are finally about to attack the Fire Nation after weeks of strategizing.

Oreosmama — Petty Competition (Kageyama x Reader)

Sokka helps you calm your nerves before the battle, but tries to slip in some of his signature suavity while doing so. You sat on the edge of the small cliff overlooking the sea in front of you. How many people would die? Would this plan even work?

Sokka noticed your obvious distress. He leaned back on his palms which were holding him upright behind his back. A small blush crept onto your face, but you managed to shake it off. Sokka was always the clumsy one of the group, and hearing him so serious and motivational threw you off a bit. His head turned towards you, a smile creeping onto his lips.

A lot. You shot him a confused glance, but froze once you figured out what he was referring to. In a matter of seconds, Sokka flung his hand back and began to panic. The rest of his sentences became blurry, and you focused on how amusing it was to see Sokka all flustered like that. It took your mind off the battle to come. Sokka was sitting completely still, his mouth gaped open. I guess that applies to us, too. I remember despising you. Do you remember how I used to poke holes in your milk box back in fourth grade and laugh when it spilt all over you?

Heh, sorry for that. Oh, how about that time you aimed the ball right at the back of my head during physical education? If I focus really hard, I can still feel that pain. Thanks a lot. You were a lot cooler than I thought, though your thing for volleyball was kind of concerning at first. How did we end up hating each other, anyway? Pretty ironic. Back on track, I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for accepting me as your best friend though you should also be thanking me for putting up with your stubbornness. Thanks for always sneaking in through my window at three in the morning when I needed to talk. Thanks for always buying me more boba than I could probably consume. You were my shoulder to cry on and I hope you know how much of a blessing you are towards me and all that know you.

I know you must be going through so much, especially after reading this. This note is going to get to you all soggy, thanks to my gross tears. I love you. Please know I will always be with you.Keep reading. Enjoy I guess? Hi hi!!! OSAMU has a habit of giving you a plate full of sliced fruits whenever an argument divides you two.

KITA has a habit of tightening his grip on your waist whenever it gets too crowded. Kageyama saw you running up to him and Hinata with some snacks, when you finally arrived in front of them, you handed Hinata a melon bun with a smile. Kageyama looked at your hands, waiting for his snack, but it never came. Hinata was screaming. You let them run for a while before laughing and calling Kageyama out.

Looking adorable as he drinks. Originally posted by xeluesa. But I wanna fight some monsters too! Originally posted by kikyoshirax. When it comes to your phone and your otome games he is in super jealous mode. Kuroo sulks and gets real clingy. Sitting on the bed? All alone and needy for attention? Is it the white long silky hair? Not fair kitten. Originally posted by monakaashi. Akaashi Keiji loves reading to you and his growing child. The first time it happened was a complete accident: you enjoy hearing Keiji recite poems before heading to bed, and apparently so did your baby, their first kicks shocking you and Akaashi when he finished the poem.

kageyama x reader argument

Every night, Akaashi narrates his favorite childhood stories featuring various and incredibly animated voices. He especially relishes placing a gentle hand and tracing small circles on your bump while he reads, a big smile never leaving his face when he feels another kick in response to his soothing voice.

Kageyama Tobio once tried balancing a volleyball on your baby bump, and when it actually remained in place, it became part of his daily routine after coming home from practice or a game.

At first you chided him for doing something so silly does this man only think about volleyball?Originally posted by volleygifs. Not with your cute-ass head tilt and warm smile. Nope, not today. Finalizing his decision, you watch with a now confused expression as he promptly turns on his heel and speed-walks away as fast as he can.

You become even more confused when it looks like the rest of the team all audibly sigh at the same time. You grin sheepishly at him when you see him staring, glancing down at the boxes you were holding in a silent question.

Feeling his heartbeat pick up, he jogs over to slip two of the three boxes out of your hands as he follows you into the storage room. Tanaka clenches his fist. You, however, seemed totally fine as you reached for the door knob, ready to make your way back out to overlook the practice.

Until his arm reaches out, his palm resting on the area of the door next to your head, not exactly trapping you, but not making it easy for you to exit either. You blink at the fact that his blue eyes looked so serious, glancing at his outstretched arm before giggling. You guys are the reason I love being on my way to becoming your manager! With that, you twist the door knob and let yourself out before glancing in slight confusion at a perplexed-looking Kageyama.

He gulps. Where did the team want to go? You tilt your head, allowing him to continue before he suddenly slaps himself on the back of his head, causing you to lift your hand to your mouth in a little gasp.

You end up seated between Tanaka and Kageyama, eyes fixed on the screen before you cheerily turn to Kageyama, thanking him for inviting you and everyone out as the boy immediately turns red. Nothing at all. Kageyama glares at his senpai over your head, as Tanaka glares back.

He sweat drops as Suga leans forward a little, flashing him a thumbs up as if to say you got this. Tears were welling up in your eyes at the movie selected, sniffing to yourself as Kageyama slowly stretches out his hand over yours. Is everyone crying too? In reality, every member on the Karasuno team had placed their forehead in their hands at what an idiot their genius-setter was.

Kageyama turns red-faced at the taunts from his teammates as he continues to mentally beat himself up at what had just occurred in the movie theatre, waiting for you to come out of the bathroom.

When you walk her home tonight, just tell her. With that, Daichi instructs for everyone besides Kageyama to leave first while you were still in the bathroom, the raven-haired boy feeling the same surge of confidence from when you were in the storage closet with him. You blink in surprise when you exit the bathroom as Kageyama glances at you sheepishly, a hand on the back of his neck.

He suddenly comes to a stop as you keep walking, making you stop a few feet in front of him as you look back, slightly confused. Is that creepy-sounding? Your eyebrows raise when he spins around quickly so his back is facing you, taking a deep breath before turning around again. You stand on your tiptoes to plant a sweet kiss on his burning cheek, a hand resting on his shoulder for support before you pull back, blushing as well. He gains the courage to wrap his arm around your waist, pulling you in to rest his head against your shoulder as he soaks into your warmth, the longing in his heart finally becoming fulfilled.

You wrap your arms around him in response, sighing in content until you see certain members of the team peeking from behind the fence that rounded the corner. Hi hi! Can I get a tendou, oikawa, kageyama and atsumu after a fight where they make up? Fluffy ending please! Warning s : slight angst in some of these, implied nsfw by Atsumu ofc lmfaobut no direct nsfw themes.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Daichi Sawamura x Reader - Space Cadet 2. Sugawara Koushi x Reader - Pickup Lines 4. Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader - Lost and Found 5. Kageyama Tobio x Reader - Determination 6. Aakashi Keiji x Reader - Wisdom Teeth 8. Nishinoya Yuu x Reader - Painting 9. Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader - Part 2 Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader - Running Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader - A Mess Sugawara Koushi x Reader - Youtuber!

AU Oikawa Tooru - Get Up Oikawa Tooru x Reader - Gravity Bokuto Koutaro - Miscalculation.

kageyama x reader

Warning for angst, but it has a happy ending soYou can also list all of your executions. To create a new execution, you need to POST to the execution base URL a string containing the id of the sctipt that will be executed, as well as the required input parameters defined in the source code. All you need is a valid script id, the input parameters values, and your authentication variable set up as shown above. This should be used instead of inputs when multiple scripts are provided.

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kageyama x reader argument

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HAIKYUU: Kageyama and Oikawa x Y/Nâť—Read Descriptionâť—

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Kageyama X Reader Argument

From Stockholm we took a train to Copenhagen, Denmark, from there an overnight cruise to Oslo, Norway (upgraded on the ship and again, it was well worth it, great cabin, free wifi, free drinks and snacks in the VIP lounge).

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