How to create a list in excel vba

Data structures are used to store a series of data in programming languages. It binds to the memory rather than address. An ArrayList is one of the data structures in excel. Therefore, no initial declaration of size is needed. ArrayList can be defined as a list of a nearby memory location.

Where the values are retrieved using the index numbers. ArrayList offers plenty of built-in operations, sorting, adding, removing, reversing, etc. Watch our Demo Courses and Videos. NET framework. Now the library is included in your VBA code and it will support different methods associated with an ArrayList. ArrayList act as a list where we can add values.

This will automatically store in the different portions starting from 0,1, 2, etc. The values can add or insert to the ArrayList using the add method. In this example, you will learn how to add a list of values into an ArrayList. Set a new instance for this object. Where the list is added into the index values in an order 0,1,2,3 etc. To print the values each index is printed since the values are stored in these partitions. Here an IP address is stored in the ArrayList and while printing the values extra notations are concatenated to form the IP address in a proper format.

It is a common error happens while running an ArrayList. This is because of not the correct version of the. NET framework installed. NET 3. ArrayList supports different functions like sorting, reversing, etc.

Step 1: Create a function called arraysort1 to perform the sorting within the inserted values into an ArrayList. Use this object to add and sort the values within the ArrayList. Set this instance as a new ArrayList. Which is not possessing any order on values. Randomly inserted some values into the list.

The ArrayList is printed in the same order as it is inserted since we use the index numbers in its correct order. Use the sort method to sort the inserted list. The sort property will sort the list of values in ascending order by default. When you want to reverse the order of inserted values in an ArrayList reverse method is available. This will reverse the order of the list from its current order.

Now we have already sorted the ArrayList in the previous example, which is in ascending order. After applying the reverse method, the ArrayList will become in descending order and use the message box to print the reversed array.To make data entry easier, create lists with the List Box control. Check one or more of the items, and add the selected items to the worksheet. In an Excel worksheet, you can create lists by using the List Box control.

In this example, the worksheet has a List Box control that allows multiple items to be selected, and there is a check box at the left of each item. This ListBox shows the entries from a named range -- DaysList, that lists the five weekdays. If items have been selected in a List Box, you can use Excel VBA code to extract the selected items, and copy them to cells in the workbook.

Get the List of File Names from a Folder in Excel (with and without VBA)

In the following example, Volunteer information is being collected. The name and city for each user is entered on the worksheet. In the List Box, the weekdays that the volunteer is available are checked. To add the new information to the volunteer database, click the Add button. The volunteer's Name and City are copied to the database sheet, and the current date and user name are entered in columns A and B.

The days selected in the List Box are entered in the same row, starting in column E. It copies the data to the database sheet, then clears the data entry cells, and the List Box. To see the steps for creating a List Box on the worksheet, please watch this short Excel video tutorial.

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Toggle navigation Home. Tips Files Products Newsletter Blog.I wish to extend the wise words of Steve Jobs and say everyone in the world should learn how to program a computer. You may not necessary end up working as a programmer or writing programs at all but it will teach you how to think. In this tutorial, we are going to cover the following topics. What is VBA? Why VBA? Before we go into further details, let's look at what computer programming is in a layman's language.

Assume you have a maid. If you want the maid to clean the house and do the laundry. You tell her what to do using let's say English and she does the work for you. As you work with a computer, you will want to perform certain tasks. Just like you told the maid to do the house chores, you can also tell the computer to do the tasks for you. The process of telling the computer what you want it to do for you is what is known as computer programming.

Just as you used English to tell the maid what to do, you can also use English like statements to tell the computer what to do. The English like statements fall in the category of high level languages. VBA is a high level language that you can use to bend excel to your all powerful will.

List All Sheet Names In An Excel Workbook With & Without VBA

VBA is actually a sub set of Visual Basic 6. It uses English like statements to write instructions Creating the user interface is like using a paint program. You just have to drag, drop and align the graphical user interface controls. Short learning curve. From day one that you start learning, you can immediately start writing simple programs. Read the article on Macros for more information on how you can achieve this.

For business use, you can create complete powerful programs powered by excel and VBA.

how to create a list in excel vba

The advantage of this approach is you can leverage the powerful features of excel in your own custom programs. The following basics will help you get started. Variable — in high school we learnt about algebra. In this expression, x and y are variables.

They can be assigned any numbers i. They can also be changed to say 4 and 2 respectively. Variables in short are memory locations. As you work with VBA, you will be required to declare variables too just like in algebra classes Rules for creating variables Don't use reserved words — if you work as a student, you cannot use the title lecturer or principal.

These titles are reserved for the lecturers and the school authority. Reserved words are those words that have special meaning in Vba and as such, you cannot use them as variable names. Variable names cannot contain spaces — you cannot define a variable named first number. Use descriptive names — it's very tempting to name a variable after yourself but avoid this.

Use descriptive names i. Logical operators - The concept of logical operators covered in the earlier tutorials also apply when working with VBA. Here the name is the name you want to assign to your program. While sub stands for a subroutine which we will learn in the later part of the tutorial.I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find or write a bit of VBA code to create a list of the macros in personal.

Can anyone help? The following may or may not help. It creates a macro that will display a list of your Personal. But there is probably an easier way. Sheets "Personal Macros". Range "A1". End xlDown. Range "A1", lastCell. ListCount With macroSheet. Cells i, 1. Value Next i End With. Value Application. Perhaps i should expand a bit more.

The way it is now they must input the name of their macro into a text box and that works just fine but i think the functionality would be improved if i could provide a listbox for them to choose from.

What makes this function attractive is that it would be dynamic, the list of macros would be up to date at all times. My macro is stored in the user's peersonal. To make a long story short, i need the VBA code to create the list of macros at run time. Greg I think my suggestion provides what you are looking for except that the macro list produced for the user's selection does not get updated automatically I don't know how to do that.

It is necessary to update the list as and when a new macro is added to Personal. This would appear, however, to be better than your present procedure of having to type a macro name to a text box every time a macro is to be run. It may be helpful to run my suggested macro. Celia PS. The macro names on the "Personal Macros" worksheet should be input to colomn A starting with cell A1 so as to fit in with the macro code. Greg, Here you go. I modified this procedure from some code by Chip Pearson.

It adds the macros listed in standard modules. It could be modified to also show those in class modules, but for your purposes, that isn't likely needed. CountOfLines UserForm1.

how to create a list in excel vba

Show End Sub. I have also searched the knowledgebase at Microsoft but it's getting frustrating. I expect i'm missing something easy but i don't know where to go next.List Box is one of the tools under user form in VBA. As the name itself suggests list box will hold all the list of values given by the user. In VBA List box comes with a user form.

In this article, we will see how to create a list box and how to hold values in the list box in Excel VBA. List Box is a box which can hold values in it.

From this list of items, the user can select the item shown in the list box. Watch our Demo Courses and Videos. For this list of months, we will create a list box. Follow the below steps to create the List Box in excel worksheet:.

Step 1: Go to Developer Tab. Step 3: Right click on the inserted list box and select Format Control. Step 4: Under Format Control go to Control. Create a list box is not that easy as we have seen in the above example, you need to have a considerable amount of knowledge on Excel VBA Macros.

Step 2: As soon as you insert user form you can see toolbox along with the user form. Step 5: After inserting the list box, give a proper name to this list box under Properties window. In this, type the range of values of your month name along with the sheet name. Step 7: As soon as you give the reference you can see the month names in the list box. Step Now we will add macro code to store the data selected by the user.

Double click on the list box. You will see a separate macro name like the below. Step When the user selects the month we will store the data in cell G5. In order to store the input given by the user add below code. Step Now if you run the code and select any of the months we can see the value selected by the user in the G5 cell. I have selected Jun, so I can see Jun in the G5 cell. Like this, we can use list box in your VBA projects to take input from the users.

Step 1: Create a New UserForm. Here it is UserForm2. Step 5: Double click on the user form. You will see auto inserted macro like the below one. Step 8: Delete the old macro. Under UserForm initialize write the below code to add items to list box.ListBox is one of the UserForm control. You can select and drag ListBox on the UserForm.

how to create a list in excel vba

This control is used to display list of items to a list. This is used on the UserForm. Please find the following steps and example code, it will show you how to add dynamic list box control on the userform. Where additem is the property of listbox. Please find the following code, it will show you how to clear the list box items. The below code clears the list box1 items on the UserForm1.

Please find the below code to know how to check if a List box is selected or not using VBA. In the below example 0 is the index number. Here is the VBA list box default values in Excel. After adding items to list box by using any of the below code you can define the default value.

How to Create Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel with Examples

The below code is useful to select first item in the list box from the available list. The below code is useful to select second item in the list box from the available list. The below code is useful to select the last item in the list box from the available list. Here is the following example, it will show you how to get the total count of items in a list box. In the below example ListBox1 is the list box name and ListCount is the property of list box. Please find the below example code, it shows how to populate ListBox from an Array.

Read More …. Please find the most frequently asked questions and answers for your reference. These are explained more detailed way with examples. In this topic:. Advanced Project Plan Excel Template.

This website uses cookies to ensure we give you the best experience and service. By accessing this site, you consent to the use of cookies. For more information, refer to our Privacy Policy. Got it! What is a Project?A drop-down list means that one cell includes several values.

When the user clicks the arrow on the right, a certain scroll appears. He can choose a specific one. A drop-down list is a very handy Excel tool for checking the entered data. The following features of drop-down lists allow you to increase the convenience of data handling: data substitution, displaying data from another sheet or file, the presence of the search and dependency function. It is necessary to make a drop-down list with values from the dynamic range.

If changes are made to the available range data are added or deletedthey are automatically reflected in the drop-down list. Now let's make it possible to enter new values directly into the cell with this list and have data automatically added to the range.

When the values for the drop-down list are located on another sheet or in another workbook, the standard method does not work.

The name of the file from which the information for the list is taken is enclosed in square brackets. This file must be opened. If the book with the desired values is stored in a different folder, you need to specify the path completely. It is an indispensable prerequisite. Remember that the name cannot contain spaces or punctuation.

Sometimes, you need to select several items from the drop-down list. Let's consider the ways of performing this task. Do not forget to change the ranges to "your own" ones. Create scroll in the classical way. The rest of the work will be done by macros. Download drop-down lists example. When you enter the first letters from the keyboard, the appropriate items are displayed. These are not all the pleasant moments of this instrument.