Heathkit eta 3400

This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. You can obtain parts directly from Heath Company Ijy writing us at the address below or by telephoning us at 61 6 And we'll pay shipping charges to get those parts to you — anywhere in the wortd.

We warrant that during thefirst ninety 90 days after purchase, our products, when correctly assembled, calibrated, adjusted arxl used in accordance with our printed instructions, will meet published specifications. If a defective part or error in design has caused your Heathkit product to malfunction during the warranty period through no fault of yours, we wilt service it free upon proof of purchase and delivery at your expense to the Heath factory, any Heathkit Electronic Center, or any of our authorized overseas distributors.

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All of the programming and hardware interface experiments supplied with this course are implemented on the Trainer. While the Trainer was designed primarily to accompany this course, it is a flexible, general- purpose training unit and microprocessor bread- board. It can be used in many other applications that require a low cost microprocessor-based software de- velopement system or as a design aid for developing special interfaces.

Heathkit ET-3400 Microcomputer Learning System / Microprocessor Trainer demo

They are ideal for prototyping special inter- face circuits. Read the en- tire step before you perform each operation. The illustrations in the Manual are called Picto- rials and Details. Pictorials show the overall op- eration for a group of assembly steps; Details generally illustrate a single step.

When you are directed to refer to a certain Pictorial "for the following steps," continue using that Pictorial until you are referred to another Pictorial for another group of steps.

Daves Old Computers - Heathkit

Most kits use a separate "Illustration Booklet" that contains illustrations Pictorials, Details, etc. Keep the "Illustration Booklet" with the As- sembly Manual. The illustrations in it are ar- rariged in Pictorial number sequence.

Position all parts as shown in the Pictorials. Solder a part or a group of parts only when you are instructed to do so. Use these numbers when you want to identify the same part in the various sections of the Manual.

These numbers, which are especially useful if a part has to be replaced, appear: — In the Parts List, — At the beginning of each step where a component is installed, — In some illustrations, — In the Schematic, — In the section at the rear of the Manual. When you are instructed to cut something to a particular length, use the scales rulers pro- vided at the bottom of the Manual pages.

Hold the leads so they cannot fly toward your eyes. A good sol- der connection will form an electrical connection be- tween two parts, such as a component lead and a circuit board foil.Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. Save heathkit manuals to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Unfollow heathkit manuals to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive.

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We did not generate these resources unless otherwise noted. These resources are provided to help students independantly gain a deeper understanding of embedded systems. While the processor family is long obsolete, the architecture of these processors lives on in many embedded systems.

Understanding these "simple" processors of the past helps gain a deeper appreciation of modern systems. There are four great resources for emulation that exist. The required ROM files are present in this repository to run the emulation systems, but are not our creation.

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Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit Fetching latest commit….From the manual: "The ET Microcomputer Learning System is a practical, low cost microprocessor trainer; designed as a learning tool to teach microprocessor operation, programming, and applications.

The breadboard areas allowed students to configure the machine for a variety of different experiments and tasks. Does anyone know what these specific keyboard keys are called or where I could get them from please?

Submitted September 25, by Michael wagg I currently have the training manuals for the et plus the tapes and records and schematics for sale on eBay if anyone is interested. Excellent condition with the tests! When the course manual was printed, I insisted that the Assembly and Machine code be photo copied directly from the Silent pages so there would be absolutely no mistakes in the process.

In later trainer revisions however, the pages were translated by humans so the print would show up better in the final manuals. The person in charge of the manual department didn't like the dot matrix print and reset all the pages without my knowledge.

Another piece of trivia There were about 10 times the experiments created than the ones that finally made it to the final manual. All gone now. I can get the Mon prompt, bet every time a typs a character in I get a Line Feed and Carraige return. Does anyone have specific information about the correct configuration for the serial port word length, stop bits, parity, handshaking, etc.

Aside from teaching them digital electronics we'll also be adding peripherals such as 8x8 led display, E2PROM, and a sound generator chip.

heathkit eta 3400

Great fun! Check the phoenix craigslist. She also has several copy paper boxes of manuals, but isn't sure what they are. Submitted November 23, by tony I've ones. If you want to buy please email to me sawat hotmail. A schematic for the ETA will really be appreciated. Thanks in advance, whipaway yahoo. Submitted April 25, by Ern Does any one have the text book that goes along with this trainer in word format?Just came across 7 unbuilt, unopened digital alarm clocks, Heathkit.

What do you think I should do with them?

heathkit eta 3400

Thanks Dan Gaboda. Post a Comment. Wednesday, March 6, Unbuilt Heathkits on eBay. Heathkits, especially the amateur radio kits, are pretty popular items on eBay and typically sell for more than they did new back in the day when Heathkit was still in business. I recently saw an unassembled HW-8 offered on Bay. The opportunity to get your hands on an unbuilt kit is exciting.

As you can imagine, these don't come up often as very few people would have purchased a kit years ago and never built it. There are likely some fakes out there as well, i. I took a look at unbuilt Heathkits that have sold on eBay over the last few months to see what I could glean.

Amateur radio equipment seems to be the most popular, followed by test equipment. No surprises here -- these were Heathkit's bread and butter.

heathkit eta 3400

These units are still useful for what they were originally intended for. By contrast, a Heathkit computer from the s or s, for example, is not very useful as a computer and only appeals to retrocomputing nostalgia buffs, so these typically don't have as high a value.

The third most popular category appears to be general items like clocks and weather stations which are still useful today and have a big nostalgia value. The real question that comes to mind when one imagines buying one of these, is whether you would actually build the kit, or keep it as an investment to sell in the future. Or perish the thought part it out as separate pieces to sell individually.

Personally I don't plan to spend my money at the prices these are going for but it's fun to think about it. Posted by Jeff Tranter at PM. Labels: amateur radioeBayham radioHeathkit. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.To order a vintage Heathkit manual: Click here.

What's old is new. We still have the company's original master manual collection. Not always perfect or pristine, but the best we have been able to maintain over the decades. We print a fresh manual copy for you on demand, using the company's best available master. We can do this because, well, we're Heathkit, and we own all the copyrights to all our publications. Read the fine print. Here's the fine print: Each vintage manual copy is different.

After all these decades, sometimes the best available manual master may have assembly marks or imperfections in it. We price our replacement manuals low, often around the price of a few cups of coffee, which barely covers the copying and binding cost. But continuing to offer our manuals to you is a way we support you, our loyal customers.

Please be sure to read the description of your ch osen manual when ordering, to understand exactly what it will look like. Looks nice.

If we do say so ourselves. We print replacement manuals in our current covers that we use in all our new kits. Our manual covers are Heath green now not yellow, or yelllow and black, or gray and blue. We coil-bind them so they lay flat, and we print them on high recycled content acid-free paper so they'll live as long as a Heathkit.

Which seems to be practically forever. So don't delay. Remember to read the manual quality descriptions you find there before ordering. If you need a replacement manual for a modern Heathkit, please contact customer support, as this may entail custom printing of your replacement manual, deactivation and replacement of the old serial number, reprogramming of your custom MPU or other kit changes, and changes in your accounts at Heathkit. Here for you. Vintage Manuals are still available.

It's a good thing. Vintage manuals are available for purchase for thousands of our historic products.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. I've been playing with another FPGA project recently, this time recreating the Heathkit ET, a popular microprocessor trainer from the s.

Those boards lack a display so I added support for a couple of popular serial interfaced 7-segment LED displays and it should be straightforward to make nearly any display work.

heathkit eta 3400

There are a couple of rough edges, for one thing the CPU68 core is not cycle accurate and runs quite a bit faster than a real CPU. There is also an issue I've not yet succeeded in solving where unlit segments of the display sometimes glitch while it is updating, this may be another symptom of the CPU not being cycle accurate. I have tried several of the example programs from the manual and they all work. I also created a simple addressable latch in the "breadboard" section of the top level file which allows LEDs on the dev board to be controlled by writing to that memory location.

I've released all the code as open source so anyone who wants to play with it is welcome to. TM display. The following users thanked this post: oPossumbingogeraldfryjr. Hello there James, Jer here, and I just now finally joined this forum and it is My Very First Post!! I have just starting to get in to the world of FPGA's this year and this project really intrigues me!!

I had in my head, and some on paper, laid down the basis of a fully discrete version of the cpu. I hated the PC based machines at the time due to them being so so slow and thought to myself imagine what it would be like to run OS9 on a version as such that is times the current stock clock speed of the CoCo's.

Well as life has it, I ventured on to other things but never never forgot about my dream. I eventually did get Circuitmaker in the 90's to help me with the project but I also had a recording studio that took up all of my time down there as well. I was also one of the few people that help too create the local collage in Naples and taught people how to use their computers with My Friend and Boss, Chef Dave, when we worked at Bears Paw C.

Since then I am now pretty much retired and just play with my projects. I am the First one ever to create a Desktop ESL that really perform's extremely well and it is an on going project that has yet to be finalized. In fact it was that project that First got me in to MCU's 5 years ago in order to digitally control the preamp for it!! Anyhow I will be following your project closely as it is right up my ally of what I would like to accomplish for myself even though what I want to do has already bean done.

I just picked up a Tektronix a three weeks ago. It works very nice so I am covered there. I have never slacked off through the years hardwarewise and I have always kept up to date on the latest cutting edge technology ever since. But in programming I miss the good ole' days of just using basic and assembly language and I am still learning C only when I have to use it.

When it comes to VHDL and Verilog, Well, I just discovered them and I am quite green when it come to those two, but I am learning and beginning to understand some of it. Actually I understand it better than C!! Or, Maybe it is just because I am mainly a hardware guy and I just really want learn to use it. I just figured out to make Quartus It was my last hurdle and I am Syked!!! I think that this may be the perfect project for me to get started in to this field of programming and hardware, besides using the schematic editor.

As for my project I did mange to get a 16 bit ALU ,16 bit PC and 7 or 8 8bit registers and multiplexers enough to make a or to fit in the EPM before adding one more thing maxed it out!! Thanks for Posting this project!!