Fallout 76 legendary farming after patch

Fallout 76 has been on the uptick for the past few months, but it's still not without some problems, and after its latest update, that list of problems has gotten a bit longer. Per the latest Fallout 76 patch notespatch 11 was supposed to improve Power Armor and Legendary loot, among other things, but the update also introduced several new issues. Bethesda says these will be addressed in follow-up hotfixes, starting with a small update coming today, July The first hotfix is targeting the most egregious bug: Legendary enemies not dropping Legendary loot.

Patch 11 was supposed to make it so that Legendary loot appears on enemy corpses much faster so that looting isn't delayed. Ironically, it's made dropped Legendaries disappear altogether in some instances, as many players have reported on the game's subreddit and forums. The confusion around this bug was compounded by the fact that some non-Legendary enemies have been showing up with Legendary titles but, obviously, not dropping Legendary items.

Patch 11 was also meant to fix bugs that could lock players in Power Armor, remove armor pieces when players exited their armor, and cause players to waste Stimpaks while wearing Power Armor. To allow for these changes, everyone's Power Armor was unequipped, and equipped pieces were moved to storage. However, some players have reported that the Power Armor they were wearing before the patch has up and vanished, even after checking their Stash and inventory.

After playing Fallout 76 after the patch, we found that our all Power Armor was indeed safely in our storage, but we certainly can't speak for everyone and Bethesda says it's looking into reports of missing armor.

This isn't the first time a Fallout 76 update has bungled the features it was meant to fix, and as PC Gamer reports, some players are now calling for a test server in the hopes of making this the game's last buggy patch - or at least the last patch so buggy that it requires several hotfixes.

You can't make a public test server out of Reddit threads and Bethesda hasn't said anything about one for Fallout 76, but opening a PTS has worked well for The Division 2, Anthem, and even Bethesda's own Elder Scrolls Online, so it's at least a valid suggestion. Here's hoping the upcoming Wastelanders expansionwhich will add human NPCs to the game!

fallout 76 legendary farming after patch

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fallout 76 legendary farming after patch

You will receive a verification email shortly.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Bethesda games are known for being buggy at launch, but Fallout 76 is being regularly updated; it should be getting better with time.

But fans also say that the 11th patch seems to break just as many things as it fixes. Fans are also reporting that there is now an area in Whitesprings that will automatically kill you. Actually, there seem to be a number of Power Armor-related issues, such as game freezes, players getting stuck inside the armor, and gear that is perpetually unequipped for some reason.

These are just highlights; players are compiling a wider list of issues over on Reddit. The problems are bad enough that the tone of the overall community feels overwhelmingly negative right now. The Fallout Twitter account is getting inundated with complaints and angry messages from disappointed players, while the Fallout 76 Reddit is wall-to-wall complaints.

Update: A Bethesda spokesperson tells Polygon that the developer is looking into the hiccups, stating:. We are investigating reported issues after the rollout of patch 11 yesterday. We will continue to monitor feedback and address any additional issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One bullet point in the patch notes, for instance, says that Bethesda replaced a lightbulb in a bathroom stall in the game. Players are also agitated by the idea that, while the game becomes more unstable, Bethesda is putting effort into sprucing up the Atom Shop, where players can spend real money on in-game items and cosmetics.

Fallout 76 – Legendary Farm

While Fallout 76 has been rife with issues since launch, plenty of players are making their own fun via extensive role-play. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

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Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Bethesda did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Update: A Bethesda spokesperson tells Polygon that the developer is looking into the hiccups, stating: We are investigating reported issues after the rollout of patch 11 yesterday.

fallout 76 legendary farming after patch

Loading comments The Latest. Share this story Twitter Facebook.While Fallout 76 was released only last week, players have already begun to scour the remotest corners of Appalachia, soar through levels exceedingand tackle the most challenging content the game currently has to offer.

With this fairly comprehensive foundation established, players are now turning their eyes towards obtaining the game's best loot: legendary weapons and armor.

Fallout 76 's legendary gear can be found as random drops from the legendary enemies those with stars next to their names located throughout the world.

This rare loot comes with random legendary effects damage boosts, infinite ammo, etc. These guns can be absolutely devastating additions to a lucky Vault Dweller's arsenal. Due to the random nature of legendary gear and their effects, many will likely need to be acquired before finding one of extraordinary power or of your preferred weapon types, which means you are going to need to kill a lot of legendary enemies.

The method outlined here for fast legendary gear farming is simple, and it revolves around targeting events that have guaranteed legendary enemy spawns and " server hopping " continually joining new servers by logging in and out of 76 to complete them over and over again quickly.

With the method established, all that is left is to determine the best events to target when "server hopping" for legendaries.

This appears to be the community's current go-to event for farming end-game legendaries. Located at the Blackwater Minesthis event asks players to protect Uranium extractors from waves of enemies, including three legendary Mole Miners.

Beyond the number of legendary Mole Miners, what makes "Uranium Fever" such an excellent event for farming is that they scale with your level and are capped at level Located in the Savage Divide"One Violent Night" is another event where the strongest legendaries can be acquired. While it is possible to get legendary Ghoul spawns throughout the event, the real prize here is the boss -- a legendary Wendigo that scales with your level.

If you want to start farming for legendaries before level 15"Leader of the Pack" is the event for you. Located near the Tyler County Fairgroundsthis event spawns three low-level, one-star Wolves for your farming pleasure. From farming loot, XP, and resources to fixing bugged quests"server hopping" is an efficiency tool being used often in these early days of Eventually, we may see Bethesda address this approach, though that seems difficult without persistent servers.

In the mean time, we hope that you can use this method to find all the loot you have been dreaming of, and if you have any events that you love to farm for legendaries, please do share them in the comments below. If you found this guide useful, you may want to take a gander at our other Fallout 76 guides. William R. Parks Contributor. Published Nov.Players can pick up mutations in Fallout 76 in a variety of different ways, but the easiest and most Rads-free method is.

In short, you just need to follow the instructions shown at top right of the screen! Monsters can drop weapons or ammo when destroyed. Devs acknowledged this and will be issuing challenges with rewards to compensate. The player can Take the time to create items that people might need at various stages of their playthrough. Over on the Fallout 76 subreddit, the community has compiled a list of the Fallout 76 stealth nerfs Bethesda rolled out.

Fallout 76 legendary farming after patch

These are my go-to's on farming legendary gear. Work together, or not, to survive.

TOP 10 locations to farm after patch 22. Fallout 76 One Wasteland

Farming weapons is very simple in Fallout 76 — you just need to reset mobs. It's more of a survival mode style of play and the barrenness, as far as creatures running about, gives a more apocalyptic feel. The best way to get plans for these generators is by doing the event to repair the Nuclear Energy Plants in Fallout Get in now while the getting's. Once you reach the X, you just need to use the activate button on the ground to dig up the treasure. For more information on Legendary Mods, please see that page.

As soon as fans updated their Fallout 76, many started to notice that the Patch 11 causes a lot of glitches and in some cases, the bugs are so bad that they break the game. Fallout 76's first season pass points were busted, Bethesda issuing replacements Bethesda recently kicked off the first season in Fallout 76 where the players were farming points for the pass but found themselves at a disadvantage.

Vendor Duping Exploit! Fallout 76's legendary gear can be found as random drops from the legendary enemies those with stars next to their names located throughout the world.

fallout 76 legendary farming after patch

These maps have a simple sketch on them that will lead you to a small cache of items with X marks the spot. Combines ten units of loose screws into a single item. Fallout 76 armour — Craft armour and learn about outfits. Fallout 76 is the online prequel to the Fallout franchise. Under the threat of nuclear annihilation, players can experience the largest, most dynamic world ever created in the legendary Fallout universe.

November 19 Patch — Will focus primarily on game performance and stability on all platforms but will also come with a list of fixes to quests, UI, C.This update also brings a number of additional improvements and bug fixes to the game, so be sure to read on to catch the patch notes. Source: Original link. Our latest patch for Fallout 76 brings additional performance and stability improvements and many bug fixes to the game.

Patch Version: - Xbox: 1. Update Version…. To be eligible for the list, the game must be confirmed foror there should be good reason to expect its release in that year. Therefore, upcoming games with a mere announcement and no discernible release date will not be included. Here are fifteen games we're looking forward to in the first half of Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The content of the article. Update 22 Highlights One Wasteland: Creature levels now adjust dynamically to more closely match character levels, so you can adventure anywhere in Appalachia, whether alone or with your friends! Daily Ops: Gear up, grab your pals, and get ready to take on challenging, repeatable, and randomized encounters called Daily Ops.

Legendary Perks: Become legendary with new high-level Perk Cards that will offer more power and build diversity to your characters. If multiple players all come across the same enemy at the same time, its level will simultaneously rise for the higher-level players and drop for the lower-level players. This means that all players who are adventuring together can have an impact on any given combat encounter, even if there is a large level gap between them.

While creatures will still have minimum and maximum levels, such as a max of level 50 in The Forest, they are now much more flexible overall. One Wasteland opens up more opportunities to adventure anywhere in Appalachia, whether alone or with your friends.

It also smooths out some of the early game bumps for new players, allows higher-level players to get max-level loot in previously lower-level regions, and should offer more consistent combat encounters for everyone.


Catch even more details by reading our recent One Wasteland Preview article on Fallout. Head to the Seasons page on Fallout.

Complete your objectives, eliminate the enemy threat, and you will be rewarded for your efforts to make Appalachia a safe place for everyone. You can take on Daily Ops alone or in a team of up to four other players. Each day, Daily Ops will feature a fresh combination of location, enemy faction, and enemy mutations to keep you on your toes. This will help keep your ammo reserves topped off through lots of combat.

However, there are three additional reward tiers that you can reach once per day by completing a Daily Op within certain time limits: Initiate Tier: 16 minutes or less Paladin Tier: 12 minutes or less Elder Tier: 8 minutes or less The higher the tier you achieve, the higher your chances to get better rewards, including more XP, larger amounts of in-game currencies, legendary items, and even brand-new items like the War Glaive, which is a customizable two-handed melee weapon.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Sugar Grove is a great place to find screws and all kinds of junk items. You can also find approximately 8 Caps Stashes inside if you have all the keys, which makes it a perfect farming spot.

Whitespring Resort and the Golf Club areas are one of the most popular farming spots in the game. Also, Whitespring is easily accessible by low and mid-tier leveled players and there are quite a few spots that allow you to pick out enemies one by one, or just make them unable to touch when you finish them off from a ramp. Also, Whitespring is one of the best locations to farm Caps Stashes, and you can find more information that here. Whitespring area is extremely good even when not nuked, but also makes it a very dangerous area for players at any level.

Watoga is another great place to farm Legendary monsters. You can go to the Watoga Emergency Services where you can find a lot of Meds as well, and at the end of the second floor, you will always find a Legendary monster.

If you go to the Watoga Municipal Center, there is always a Legendary enemy at the of the hallway when you use the fire escape. Another interesting spot is the Watoga High School. When you enter it for the first time the Monster Mash event will start. It is all about running around and killing Ghouls for experience, and a guaranteed Legendary enemy each round. After you have cleared the area, you can simply change the game and start all over again.

Located just east of Whitespring is a great place to go when you have cleared the Resort and Golf Club areas. The event takes place in the Blackwater Mine and you are always guaranteed to find three Legendary Mole Miners inside between level You get between Legendary Items in just under 10 minutes in there, but the Event is not recommended for low-level players. A great feast for high-level players.

Another interesting area with very high monster density and usually a couple of Legendary monsters around. There are at least four confirmed Caps Stash locations as well which makes it a perfect spot to visit when farming Watoga area. Wendigo Cavern is quite of a gamble, but for me personally, it has wielded the best loot so far. You can usually get at least a couple of Legendary items inside, but if you are unlucky there can be none as well.

A cave located in the north-eastern corner of the map. There is also a hidden bunker inside guarded by two level 20 Deathclaws. Your email address will not be published. Legendary Farm Looking for good locations to farm legendary items in Fallout 76? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.While nerfs have meant knowing how to get Two Shot Explosive guns in Fallout 76 isn't quite the prize it used to be, there's still nothing too shabby about owning a weapon that fires two explosive bullets for every squeeze of the trigger.

There was a time where two Shot Explosive guns in Fallout 76 were the weapons to get thanks to the ridiculous damage output. Those days are gone but these weapons are still a rare and sought after drop in Fallout Because even with the nerfs it's still a gun that fires two explosive bullets that do splash damage.

If that sounds like something you want then here's all we know about two shot explosive guns in Fallout Simply put, a Two Shot Explosive gun is a legendary weapon. As such, it's not easy to obtain and you won't be drowning in them like you do with Pipe Pistols or Short Hunting Rifles.

How to Farm Legendary Weapons and Armor in Fallout 76

Legendary weapons in Fallout 76 are slightly different from those found in Fallout 4 though, because you can stack legendary effects to make them even more powerful.

As you've probably guessed, Two Shot Explosive guns are a combination of the Two Shot mod, which fires two projectiles simultaneously, and the Explosive effect, which makes all shots deal explosive damage. This means that it has to be at least a two star drop to obtain a Two Shot Explosive weapon.

What this means is that when you find a legendary enemy, they will either have one, two, or three stars next to their name when you target them. This indicates how many mods the legendary item they drop on death will have. Since the Two Shot Explosive guns use two mods, you need to be killing at least two star enemies to have a chance at getting the combination.

Two Shot Explosive guns are so powerful, players have started selling them for real world money on popular online marketplaces. Make sure you learn how to trade in Fallout 76 legitimately if you want to obtain one from another player. Due to the random nature of obtaining legendary weapons, there's no surefire way to guarantee you'll get a Two Shot Explosive.

There are, however, ways to improve your chances and lessen the grind. It's worth noting that since the Two Shot mod is projectile focused, it's impossible to get a melee weapon with Two Shot Explosive. The way you get one of these insanely powerful weapons is by killing legendary enemies which are two or three stars.

Your goal is to kill enough of these until one of them drops what you're looking for. You'll rarely find these tough enemies out in the wild though; you need to know which events to complete and where to look. It's worth noting that if you're still progressing through the Fallout 76 Enclave quest line, these events and enemies are also very useful to kill in order to gain Enclave commendations. Don't worry if you die a few times though, because you tend to respawn nearby and if you tackle it again right away, the enemies won't regenerate any health.

Accuracy has been nerfed in and attempt to make them less OP so stick to standard combat.