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Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More Rules New Posts. Next Last. CFAT canadian forces aptitude test and interview Anyone taken the cfat lately or in the past, and can shed some light on the whole thing? A relative of mine is going in as a DEO direct entry officeras they have a university degree already.

How To Pass The Army Interview

Any tips and advise on the cfat would be really appreciated. All am asking is more materials for the cfat, than the 3 examples provided on the site.

I was only one of two who passed the CFAT in our group of 6, so don't take it lightly. Most important thing I would say is definitely get a good night's sleep and have a good breakfast. For the verbal section, read as widely as possible. Go online and find some IQ tests. That should give you a hand with the other two sections.

For the interview, they will provide you with a general form that will give you a really good overview of the questions they will ask.

Know yourself well, know the job, and know the possible ups and downs. Your relative shouldn't have a problem. So are you in the forces now? How long doe sit take from the time you take the test, interview, medical and all that, and did you apply as a DEO?

Looking to go Air Nav, and I've got a pending job offer for that I asked them to hold off because I am exploring other opportunities with the government. I got scheduled for my aircrew medical in June, did the aircrew testing in March, and they called me back a week or so ago. So all in all, about 10 months from start to almost finish. The CFRC was really keen and everyone was really professional and helpful. I believe armyforums.

I passed got accepted for DEO turned it down. My Dad sort of reasoned me against not to do it. In hindsight now I should've gotten the Forces to pay for my education. I have just handed in my application to do the same thing.

So just so you know there are ppl going through the same thing you are, dont get discouraged. IF you want any help email me mccabe13 hotmail. The CFAT is nothing to worry about, and definitely not something to study for. If you have a degree and can't pass it, you're probably not employable. Bump, same question as OP since noone really seems to have helped him out. The example questions they provide were rather ridiculously easy Such as algebra and such.

Which you cannot use a calculator for which all schools happen to teach you to do nowadays Regarding this subject, nobody can tell you anything other than what have been told. It's a NDA, therefore information is not available for specifics. The examples pretty much cover what the test is about.

Joining the Canadian Armed Forces

They do not disclose who passes and who does not to anyone who writes the CFAT, and, a large majority of applicants who write it pass unless they aren't vested nor interested in the military to start with. Also, the CFAT isn't meant to test your smarts, it's there to test your strengths and weaknesses in certain aptitudes.The comment came as the Canadian Forces issued an advisory, informing resident that there will be a large number of military personnel and vehicles on the roads between the GTA and CFB Borden starting Monday as it shifts troops to a central location so they can more quickly respond to requests for help related to the pandemic.

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Ontario distributing free iPads to kids who cannot access province's online learning tools. Toronto Together. Frontline health-care workers join virtual National Ballet of Canada class.Asked 24 March At 17 years of age in lateI entered the recruitment office in Montreal with parental consent while wearing old school 14 hole Doc Martens, and Punk hairdo and an old leather jacket with misfits patches sown in The attending Sergeant simply stated "Infantry!!

Answered 12 December The good thing it will state in your E-mail what style. Mostly business-casual.

Application Guide: The Canadian Armed Forces

Answered 21 October Business attire. I would dress semi formal but show you confident in what you know and do. Answered 15 August Put your best foot forward and dress business or business casual. Business Casual. Formal outfit. Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. What should you wear to an interview at Canadian Armed Forces? Answered 12 December Upvote 2 Downvote.

Report answer. Answered 21 October Upvote 1 Downvote.It was an important milestone; it was the first time the unit had been deployed in a major combat role outside of Canada. The training requires far greater expenditure of physical energy than is normally required in other peace time training. It is essential that candidates arrive fully fit, carrying no injuries and with a sound grasp of basic navigational techniques.

The aim of this article is to describe the fundamental entry requirements, selection process and training for personnel seeking to become a member of the Canadian Joint Task Force Two. Submarines were the last all-male bastion and that restriction was dropped in Combat is open to both genders. Upon its establishment, JTF 2 contained approximately personnel, divided between assaulters two-thirds and support personnel one-thirdcomprised of Day, :.

Bytotal manpower was approximately personnel Day,and comprised of:. SOF personnel are required to infiltrate and exfiltrate to and from operational areas dismounted, carrying heavy loads and manipulating personal and support weapons systems and other heavy equipment.

SOF personnel perform insertions and assaults on targets by:. SOF personnel are also required to board ocean vessels while they are underway from another floating or airborne platform in all sea states day or night, and where speed and stealth are imperative.

These duties are performed while wearing heavy rucksack and body armour. SOF personnel perform individual close quarter battle CQB and detainee handling which may require the individual to:. Accurate discrimination of non-combatants and precision engagement of enemy combatants requires extreme concentration. Similarly, high-risk roped and un-roped insertions with no redundant safety systems require constant attention. SOF personnel require the ability for continuous analysis of the situation, environment, mission aims and unique foreign societal complexities during operations.

Information regarding the basic requirements for enlistment or commissioning in the CAF can be found by clicking on the links, which the reader is advised to read if not already familiar.

How long does it take for the Canadian military to process applications?

The CAF does not accept direct entry applicants, i. Subject to the requirements outlined below, all CAF officers and non-commissioned members are eligible to attend the JTF 2 assessment and selection programme. The journey to becoming a member of JTF 2 is not easy, and training is rigorous and highly selective, but the courage and strength individuals will gain as a candidate will stay with them for their entire life.

In addition to Phase 1 Basic Combat Training, candidates must also have completed Phase 2 Advanced Individualised Training and volunteer for airborne training unless already qualified to be eligible for JTF 2 selection and training.

All JTF 2 candidates will undertake a number of distinct phases of training Table 1in which candidates are taught the fundamentals of CAF special warfare through formal CAF schooling and on-the-job training.Notes: 1 There are two exceptions. You may apply and be enrolled in the Primary Reserve if you maintain status as a full-time student or as a Junior. Should you be deemed eligible and competitive for one of the occupational fields you selected and positions either become vacant or are foreseen as being available in the very near future, you will be contacted for further processing.

If your file has been closed, a new application will then be required to reactivate your file. Should you require assistance or have any questions relating to the completion of this form, please call your local Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre toll free at and ask to speak to a recruiter.

To which official language do you have a primary personal identification? Have you ever been found guilty of an offence under the Young Offenders Act or Youth Criminal Justice Act for which a disposition is still in effect? Have you ever been found guilty under any other Act for which you were convicted and for which no pardon has been granted?

Have you ever applied or do you currently have an outstanding application for enrolment into any component of the Canadian Armed Forces?

canadian forces how long after interview

You will be required to provide proof of qualifications and release from foreign military service. If you do not currently have these documents, you should take the necessary steps to obtain them. The CAF is committed to the selection of applicants based on merit by ensuring the full participation of three groups designated in the Employment Equity Act EEA : women, Aboriginal Peoples, and members of visible minority groups. Your response to the self-declaration questions is voluntary and will be used for statistical purposes, and may be used in considering your application for joining the CF.

The collection, use and disclosure of personal information is in accordance with the federal Privacy Act and in some cases, personal information may be disclosed without consent under subsection 8 2 of the Privacy Act.

Members of a First Nation include status, treaty or registered Indians. North American Indians include non-status and non-registered Indians. A person in a visible minority is someone other than an Aboriginal person as defined above who is non-Caucasian in race or non-white in color, regardless of place of birth. I, the undersigned, do declare that the information in this document is true to the best of my knowledge.

On the basis of the information made available by you to the Canadian Armed Forces CAF at this time, you have been found eligible for a conditional offer of enrolment. This offer of enrolment is subject to the following: You must. You will not receive a reply. Skip to main content Skip to "About government". Disclaimer In order to undergo applicant processing and be eligible for consideration for the Canadian Armed Forces, we require certain personal information from you.

Any personal information supplied by you is collected and used in accordance with the federal Privacy Act. In some cases, information may be disclosed without your consent for purposes not outlined here pursuant to Subsection 8 2 of the Privacy Act. The information file will be retained for three years after its last use, and will be destroyed in accordance with applicable legislation. Only Department of National Defence members and employees who need to know your personal information in order to process your enrolment application will have access to your personal information.

The Privacy Act states that you have the right to access your personal information and request changes to incorrect information. Contact your recruiting centre to access your personal information, notify us about incorrect information, or withdraw your application after submitting your information.

If you require clarification about this disclaimer contact our Privacy Coordinator at the office of the National Defence Director Access to Information and Privacy.The Department is responsible for coordinating with other federal and provincial departments, and for policy and general administration.

To maintain its capability and readiness, the Canadian Armed Forces must select and develop thousands of recruits each year and retain a significant number of its members. The Military Personnel Command recently reorganized its recruitment activities and became responsible for all aspects of the recruiting program—including defining its requirements and attracting, recruiting, selecting, and enrolling personnel.

Recruiting targets did not match the needs of the Royal Canadian Navy or the Royal Canadian Air Force, and there was no comprehensive plan to attract more applicants, particularly women, Aboriginal peoples, and visible minorities. We also did not examine the process for Reserve Force members to transfer to the Regular Force.

Furthermore, we found that the total recruitment targets had been met by enrolling more members than had been set as targets in some occupations, leaving other occupations significantly below the required number of personnel. These are organized into occupations. The remaining occupations are staffed by existing Regular Force members or transfers from the Reserve Force. For each occupation, the Canadian Armed Forces needs a sufficient number of members who are healthy, available, and have the required training and competencies for their occupations.

We analyzed the number of Regular Force members through summary reports produced since the —12 fiscal year. Source: Based on data from National Defence unaudited —numbers have been rounded. This is a graphic comparing the required numbers of trained and effective Regular Force members to the actual numbers, and showing the gap between these numbers. We also found that despite the fact that achieving this goal depends heavily on increased recruiting, the Canadian Armed Forces had not implemented any special employment equity measures.

We also examined documentation on the actual representation of women and measures that had been put in place to achieve its goal in this area. We also interviewed Canadian Armed Forces officials. The expectation was that the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group would recruit more women. The Canadian Armed Forces should establish appropriate representation goals for women for each occupation.

The Canadian Armed Forces is giving priority processing and enrolment to women. The Task Force and the Advisory Board will work together to influence Canadians and other stakeholders to make the Canadian Armed Forces an employer of choice.

However, the recruiting targets that resulted were significantly lower than the numbers needed. Otherwise, the Regular Force risks turning away qualified applicants. We interviewed Canadian Armed Forces officials, analyzed planning documents, and observed some of the annual occupation reviews. For both fiscal years, the Regular Force conducted occupation reviews to monitor each occupation and assess whether it had a sufficient number of trained and effective members to meet operational requirements.

Based on those reviews, the Regular Force identified its five-year recruiting needs. The Military Personnel Command used these numbers to create a recruiting plan for the following year, specifying the number of recruits to be enrolled in each occupation.

These targets were then given to the recruiting group. Several years of reductions to recruiting and training capacity as well as shrinking advertising and marketing budgets contributed to the current levels of institutional capacity. We also found that several occupations have been understaffed for many years because of issues with recruiting, training, or retention.

Having enough staff available and trained in each occupation—not just the right overall number of members—is important for accomplishing its operations. Occupations that were consistently under-enrolled and difficult to recruit for included medical officers, physiotherapy officers, signals officers, naval combat systems engineering officers, social work officers, and electronic-optronic technicians.

Being understaffed places additional strain on members in those occupations. Each of these occupations had different challenges: some were consistently under-enrolled, while others had high attrition rates or delays attributed to training. The Canadian Armed Forces currently uses a five-year long-range planning model that factors in attrition and growth.

That model is then analyzed in detail to produce a Strategic Intake Plan for each occupation during the Annual Military Occupational Requirements process. This plan is used to determine the recruiting requirements of each occupation.

canadian forces how long after interview

However, the Canadian Armed Forces acknowledges that the planning process must become more agile to adjust to changing requirements throughout the process and take corrective action when required. The Canadian Armed Forces is currently undertaking measures to improve this planning process.

canadian forces how long after interview

We also found that certain practices in the recruitment process prevented qualified candidates from being enrolled. Under the authority of the Military Personnel Command, the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group is responsible for attracting, processing, selecting, and enrolling all Regular Force recruits.Asked 31 March Don't join. Answered 1 June - Soldier Former employee - Canada.

Be in good physical condition. Research the job, and be -very- sure of what you applying for. Prepare for the advanced physical testing. Work out, take the take home aptitude test and think hard for the trade you want to do. Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Report answer. Related questions more answers below : What should you wear to an interview at Canadian Armed Forces?

Help job seekers learn about the company by being objective and to the point. Your answer will be posted publicly. Please don't submit any personal information. Submit Answer. Please note that all of this content is user-generated and its accuracy is not guaranteed by Indeed or this company. How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at National Defence and Canadian Armed Force….

Can you join if you have a criminal record? What should you wear to an interview at Canadian Armed Forces? What are requirements to be Canadian armed force? I am a permanent resident of canada so i am eligible for apply to this job?

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Do you have to be a Canadian citizen to apply for a job in the force? See Questions about:. Find companies. For jobs in Russia, visit ru.