Can a confidential informant sell drugs

While it may not seem fair or appropriate, criminal charges can be based upon the testimony of another person. Also, most drug delivery cases are not based solely upon the testimony of confidential informants. A controlled buy of drugs is a purchase of drugs by an undercover police officer or confidential informant at the direction and supervision of the police.

Basically, a confidential informant tells the police about a person that is suspected of selling drugs, and the confidential informant then is given permission by the police to schedule the purchase and delivery of drugs.

The weakest part of a case that stems from a controlled buy of drugs is the testimony of a confidential informant as the informant is almost always cooperating with the police or district attorney in order to obtain favorable treatment. In many situations, the confidential informant has pending drug delivery charges against him or her and are therefore cooperating with the goal of receiving lenient treatment from the district attorney on his or her charges.

For example, the confidential informant will often contact the drug delivery target via text messages or cell phone calls. Also, in some situations, the police will conduct consensual recordings of phone calls, meaning they will record calls between the informant and the drug delivery target. If text messages are sent, the police often take photographs of the of text messages so that there is no dispute about what was discussed and when.

In order to link the drug delivery target to the cell phone number, police use an internet website to discover the owner of the phone number as listed on the cell phone plan.

The police also check other directories, such as the Penn State student directory online, to see if the cell phone number is linked to the drug delivery target. When it comes to the actual transaction or hand-to-hand delivery of drugs, the police try to have it occur outside so the police can actually observe the transaction occur.

If the drug delivery target drove a car, the police take photographs of the target, check the registration on the vehicle, and often follow the vehicle to see the residence where it stops. Whether it is fair or not, the case can move forward to a trial, and a person can be convicted of drug delivery based upon the testimony of a confidential informant.

The more corroborating evidence that the police have, the less the case is reliant upon the testimony of the confidential informant, and stronger the case for the prosecution.Some of that information is reliable and often, its not.

The way that law enforcement gains this cooperation is through the threat of long jail sentences and the promise of leniency. People, especially those who have prior criminal convictions, will do anything to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. One problem with law enforcement use of cooperating defendants or informants is that these people have a motive to lie and they often do. Informants will promise things to the police that they cannot deliver to gain their favor.

They will also go to any extent possible to set someone up, even if that someone was originally not interested. They only care about saving themselves. As a result, otherwise law abiding persons are unlawfully entrapped into committing a crime. Entrapment is a legal defense to federal criminal charges when the police act in a manner that is unlawful or their behavior steps over the line.

Police are responsible for their informants as well. Therefore, when a cooperating defendant and confidential informant breaks the law, the police are responsible and an entrapment defense can be used.

In other words, law enforcement had an intolerable degree of participation in the criminal enterprise. For instance, when a person who does not have a history and is not known of dealing drugs is coerced by a cooperating informant, this coercion is unlawful and can be a defense to a charge of delivery of a controlled substance, conspiracy to deliver or possession with intent to deliver.

Remember an informant who wants to avoid a long prison sentence, or even a short one, will do anything including talk someone into selling them drugs who otherwise would not be doing it. The cooperating informant and the police have unlawfully entrapped the seller. The central inquiry in entrapment cases is whether law enforcement officials implanted a criminal design in the mind of an otherwise law-abiding citizen.

Absence of pre-disposition is necessary to establish and several things must be taken into account by a judge or jury. When a defendant raises the defense of entrapment, the prosecution has the burden of proving the defendant was not entrapped beyond a reasonable doubt. The government must prove the defendant was pre-disposed to the particular criminal behavior they are accused of doing.

The court or jury must look at several factors regarding disposition. The character or reputation of the defendant, including any prior criminal record; whether the suggestion of the criminal activity was initially made by the Government; whether the defendant was engaged in criminal activity for profit; whether the defendant evidenced reluctance to commit the offense, overcome only by repeated Government inducements or persuasion; and the nature of the inducement or persuasion supplied by the Government.

If the facts of the law enforcement conduct are not in dispute the court can dismiss the case as a matter of law if it finds abusive law enforcement practices and no defendant pre-disposition. Because informants will generally never admit to wrong doing, the entrapment defense must be presented to a jury and the government must prove the defendant was not entrapped beyond a reasonable doubt.

That means that if there is doubt whether the defendant was entrapped and that doubt is reasonable under the circumstances, the Defendant is entitled to a verdict of not guilty. Confidential informants along with police can also engage in entrapment when coercing a person to involve themselves into engaging in an increased amount of drugs that they would not have otherwise done in order to increase the sentence.

For instance, if defendant was usually dealing in small amounts of drugs like up to grams of a controlled substance but the informant repeatedly insists upon quantities over grams. The more weight involved, the higher penalty. This is a form of sentencing entrapment and that is equally unlawful against a person who was not otherwise pre-disposed. If there is an absence of a criminal record and pre-disposition, an entrapment defense should be considered in every case where law enforcement utilizes a confidential or cooperating informant.Question Details: Can a confidential informant sell you actual drugs for your own personal use small quantity, and have the police arrest you at a later date?

Basically, I heard a drug dealer was being watched by the police. Could that drug dealer be allowed to sell actual drugs to a person and then tell the police, which would lead to the arrest of the buyer at a later date? Basically, this would be the opposite of what is known as a controlled buy. How typical is this type of situation? And since there would be no physical evidence of the drugs would this scenario even be possible to prosecute or worth the time of the police to intervene?

Yes: confidential informants can and do sell drugs and then their buyers may be arrested and charged with drug possession. As for whether that is worth the authorities' time or effort--that depends on this police dept. By continuing to use FreeAdvice. Helping 20 Million Americans a Year for 20 Years. Find Attorney. Create Legal Documents. The attorney providing the answer was not serving as the attorney for the person submitting the question or in any attorney-client relationship with such person.

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can a confidential informant sell drugs

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How can I be charged with delivery of drugs when the only witness was a confidential informant?

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How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped

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can a confidential informant sell drugs

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can a confidential informant sell drugs

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Can a Confidential Informant Snitch Entrap a Defendant into Committing a Crime?

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