10000 characters example

Come to find out it is 5, character maximum which is an absolute joke.

10000 characters example

First, who in this day and age measures typed written essays in characters? In my entire academic career I have never had a class that had a written response measured in characters and not words.

10000 characters example

The only thing I have ever seen measured in charcters is on a cell phone with twitter, and the reason twitter measures in characters is because of how little of space it allows. But hey, maybe CASPA is wanting us to type the 5, character essay on our cell phones with such little space.

10000 Sentences

Second, this is the rest of our lives we are talking about here. This is not some tweet we are sending to Becky on facebook. By not allowing more space you are limiting our ability to explain and express why and how we came to our decision on applying to PA school.

This is a graduate degree for crying out loud, only allowing 5, characters is an absolute joke. I've seen more space on essays applying for clubs on campus. I've seen more space on essays applying for scholorships. I've literally seen more space for reviewing a toaster on Amazon. The point of it is to make yourself look compelling and to do so in a concise and effective manner.

It is seriously one of the most challenging essays to write given the limited space. I'd say the key really is to show you want to "help people". One could have the same response for why Twitter should be a platform for intellectual conversation and discussion. You kids these days We had to write a personal statement in characters, and we liked it that way! Seriously, it's an exercise in written communication.

You can't say everything, so you have to pick what to say that has the biggest impact, say it concisely and well, and then quit. I am old and we didn't have personal statements and every school had a separate application My interview is what got me in. It is what it is -- but I don't care for the depersonalization of anything - wait till you get to EHRs This is not a research proposal, and adcoms for sure don't want to read a long drawn out version of your resume.

One of my former professors required a final paper no word limit for their class and you're graded on the content of your essay rather than the length. I had many different drafts because I kept cutting back. Is this a real post? It is quite literally like writing any other paper. Start with a rough draft. Does it meet the requirements?

How long is it? Edit, review, edit, review, edit, review, edit. There is a subforum on this site devoted just for PS reviews. And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes. I will be brief. There is far, far more skill involved in writing with a few words than with many. Check out the PS threads You know because at some point you stop paying attention.It contains exactly one thousand characters, each used only once, arranged into lines of four characters apiece and grouped into four line rhyming stanzas to make it easy to memorize.

It is sung in a way similar to children learning the Latin alphabet sing an " alphabet song. There are several stories of the work's origin. One says that Emperor Wu of the Liang dynasty r. Another says that the emperor commanded Wang Xizhia noted calligrapher, to write out one thousand characters and give them to Zhou as a challenge to make into an ode.

Another story is that the emperor commanded his princes and court officers to compose essays and ordered another minister to copy them on a thousand slips of paper, which became mixed and scrambled. Zhou was given the task of restoring these slips to their original order. He worked so intensely to finish doing so overnight that his hair turned completely white. The popularity of the book in the Tang dynasty is shown by the fact that there were some 32 copies found in the Dunhuang archaeological excavations.

By the Song dynastysince all literate people could be assumed to have memorized the text, the order of its characters was used to put documents in sequence in the same way that alphabetical order is used in alphabetic languages. The Buddhist Uyghur Kingdom of Qocho used the thousand character classic and the Qieyun and it was written that "In Qocho city were more than fifty monasteries, all titles of which are granted by the emperors of the Tang dynasty, which keep many Buddhist texts as TripitakaTangyunYupuanJingyin etc.

They were the almost universal introductory literacy texts for students, almost exclusively boys, from elite backgrounds and even for a number of ordinary villagers.

Each was available in many versions, printed cheaply, and available to all since they did not become superseded. When a student had memorized all three, he could recognize and pronounce, though not necessarily write or understand the meaning of, roughly 2, characters there was some duplication among the texts.

Since Chinese did not use an alphabet, this was an effective, though time consuming, way of giving a "crash course" in character recognition before going on to understanding texts and writing characters. However, this alleged event precedes the composition of the Thousand Character Classic.

This makes many assume that the event is simply fiction, but some [ who? The Thousand Character Classic has been used as a primer for learning Chinese characters for many centuries. It is uncertain when the Thousand Character Classic was introduced to Korea. The book is noted as a principal force—along with the introduction of Buddhism into Korea —behind the introduction of Chinese characters into the Korean language. Hanja was the sole means of writing Korean until the Hangul script was created under the direction of King Sejong the Great in the 15th century; however, even after the invention of Hangul, most Korean scholars continued to write in Hanja until the late 20th century.

The Thousand Character Classic's use as a writing primer for children began inwhen King Seonjo ordered Han Ho — to carve the text into wooden printing blocks. The Thousand Character Classic has its own form in representing the Chinese characters. The vocabulary to represent the saegim has remained unchanged in every edition, despite the natural evolution of the Korean language since then. However, in the editions Gwangju Thousand Character Classic and Seokbong Thousand Character Classicboth written in the 16th century, there are a number of different meanings expressed for the same character.

The types of changes of saegims in Seokbong Thousand Character Classic into those in Gwangju Thousand Character Classic fall roughly under the following categories:. From these changes, replacements between native Korean and Sino-Korean can be found.Writing an essay on aviation is not an easy task as it might require much research regarding aviation security abstract this is an era in which the people are.

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Track this topic. Feb 4, Hi all, I've been asked to provide a quote for a translation of more or less 60, characters including spaces. I've been searching forum threads and I have read several things, which makes it even more difficult. Could it be that 1, characters including spaces equals 1 page?

Or is it 1, characters including spaces? I asked for a word c See more. Hi all, I've been asked to provide a quote for a translation of more or less 60, characters including spaces. I asked for a word count, but for some reason the client can't give an exact or estimated word count.

10000 characters example

Subject: Comment: The contents of this post will automatically be included in the ticket generated. Please add any additional comments or explanation optional. The law of averages Feb 4, Hi Kobe, I'm pretty sure this is going to change depending on the source language you work with. The best bet is to take a few texts that you think may be representative if you don't already have a software program to do this and compare the character count with the word count, for example using the statistics provided by Word.

Hi Kobe, I'm pretty sure this is going to change depending on the source language you work with. It will at least get you in the ball park. Feb 4, It's dead easy to determine the average number of characters per word for a given text by using the word count statistics reported by Word.

The number of words per page is highly variable from one document to the next and is generally not a reliable way of estimating the size of a job. FWIW, I usually figure around 6. However, people who translate from Portuguese to German end up losing money because of the long words, often comprised of what would be four different words in other languages. The other counting method we use here is 1, characters without spaces as 1 'page'. So, 1, characters or words would be very approximate in Portuguese as 1 'page'.Which guides should we add?

Request one! Plot Summary. All Symbols The Tallest Tree. LitCharts Teacher Editions. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of every Shakespeare play. LitCharts From the creators of SparkNotes, something better.

5000 character essay example

Sign In Sign Up. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Download this LitChart! Teachers and parents! Struggling with distance learning?

Our Teacher Edition on Outliers can help. Themes All Themes. Symbols All Symbols. Theme Wheel. Themes and Colors Key. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Outlierswhich you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Gladwell opens this chapter with the story of the famous computer scientist Bill Joy. The Mainframe filled almost an entire room, and of the thousands of students who passed through this room, perhaps the most famous of all was Joy.

He entered school contemplating a major in either biology or mathematics, but he stumbled across the computing center late in his freshman year and was hooked. Chapter 2 opens the same way as Chapter 1—with a success story. Active Themes. Success and Failure. Joy eventually enrolled in graduate school at UC Berkeley, where he stunned his PhD examiners with his intellectual dexterity and brilliance.

He went on to rewrite UNIX, a popular operating system, and his edits remain in effect today. He also rewrote Java, another computer language, and his legendary status grew. He was judged solely on his talent, and he won, because he was one of the best.This is nothing close to an exciting question, but I hope someone on here will be able to answer it since its Sunday and I certainly won't be able to ask anyone at Northwestern today.

Their statement of purpose requirement states "maximum 5," characters: for those of you who have submitted, does that include spaces, or no? I'm not applying there, but I'd say that if you are submitting an attachment, it wouldn't include spaces. If you have to fill a box that they provide that cuts off after the maximum allowed, I'd say spaces are included because the computer wouldn't be able to distinguish between a space and a letter.

Thanks Ziz, that's a good point. The website asks you to upload it, so maybe hopefully that means that spaces aren't included! Well, in the Word Count box in MS Word, it tells you the number of words and the number of characters. For instance, my SoP for Fordham has words, but characters. So I suppose in that instance it does include spaces Ya, but my word count box has "characters with spaces" and "characters without spaces" included. My SOP is under 5, only for the latter!

Yes, UC Davis has this strange characters thing. If you have to fill a box then it will be characters including spaces. One of my apps said "less than 1, words and 5, characters. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense to me how I could be under their word limit and over their character limit if they were supposed to be generally equivalent. I'm pretty sure UC Davis was including spaces. I would assume that it includes spaces. Mine is characters. Good News, but are you sure that the extra words will be shown when they print out your statement of purpose?

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Unicode/Character reference/10000-10FFF

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Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up. I accept.Mandarin numbers up to 9, follow the same basic pattern as English numbers, but numbers 10, and higher are quite different. In English, numbers larger than 10, are stated in terms of thousands. However, large numbers are written and read as divisions of 10, in Chinese.

Any number higher than 10, read in terms of the number of 10,s. So on and so forth, any number from 10, up tois constructed by the following pattern:. Here is a list of more large numbers. See if you can say the number out loud without looking at the Chinese version. Or, listening to the audio file and see if you can write out the number. After ten thousand, the next largest number unit used in Chinese is one-hundred million. Following are the series of numbers larger than one-hundred million.

Each number is 10, times larger than the previous one. Here are a few tips for quickly knowing how to read large numbers out loud. One tip is to move the comma one place to the left. A number is usually separated every three digits by a comma.

For example: 14, Now, let's move the comma over by one digit. By seeing a number 1, it becomes easier to read numbers in terms of ten-thousands. Another tip is to simply memorize a few large numbers.

How do you say one million in Chinese? What about 10 million? Share Flipboard Email. Qiu Gui Su. Chinese Language Expert.